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Stroke & Neurological Rehabilitation

Stroke & Neurological Rehabilitation

Back On Track offers a variety of treatments for stroke and other neurological impairments such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Muscular Dystrophy, Muscular Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, chronic brain injury, and spinal chord injury. The main focus of these treatment programs for stroke and neurological problems center on training and exercise programs to help rebuild a patient's functionality. Our physical therapists design exercise programs that fit an individual's needs. These occupational and physical therapy programs accentuate balance and coordination training, gait training, functional and safety training, stair retraining, and proprioception training. Another component of a well thought out neurological rehabilitation program is transfer training. Transfer training is the training of one's body to sit to stand, stand to sit, sit to lying down, rolling, bed mobility. Patients proceed through an array of direction changes that have been set up to simulate an obstacle course. Therapists train patients to proceed through a number of devices used to assist them—a walker, hemi-cane, etc.—with the ultimate goal of full independent mobility.

Back On Track's therapists assist clients who are recuperating from and strokes to better prepare them for everyday activities. Guiding clients back to active and productive lives is an essential part of neurological rehabilitation called cognitive retraining. Cognitive retraining can greatly lessen the chance of reinjury.

Loss of muscle tone, pain, and stiffness are often related to neurological impairments. For our patients that experience these problems, Back On Track provides an assortment of healing therapies. Manual modalities, physical management of the pain such as aquatic and Burdenko water therapies are beneficial for increasing blood flow and loosening up spasmed muscles. Technical modalities can also be employed to ease levels of pain and restore flexibility and range of motion. These treatments include parafin wax treatments, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and fluidotherapy.