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Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Back On Track provides an all inclusive program constructed to offer the most desirable result towards the improvement of work related injuries. The focus of our therapists is to take a patient who has experienced an injury that has caused them to be unable to work and get them back to fully functioning individuals who can return to work, meanwhile lessening their chances of re-injuring themselves.

An example of such an injury is a client who has to lift heavy boxes, do repetitive overhead work, or do frequent bending at their job. Often, Certified Nursing Assistants suffer neck, back, and muscular injuries from lifting and moving incapacitated patients. The physical therapists at Back On Track will care for an injured patient, first of all employing an assortment of treatment techniques to minister to the injury itself. Secondly, when the patient has diminished pain, and their musculoskeletal system is capable, our therapists will work with the patient to simulate their work activities with props and weights in our gym. Through this simulation, our therapists can find ways to strengthen the proper muscle groups, teach better techniques to avoid re-injury, and get out clients back to their jobs in their full capacity.

At Back On Track, our knowledgeable personnel realize the obstacles our clients confront when rebounding from a work-related injury. Our responsibility is to devise and implement a plan for rehabilitation. This program is designed to ensure the most successful results and a productive return to employment.

At the start of physical therapy a complete evaluation is completed to identify all of the factors that impact a client's ability to do their job. These factors include anatomical deficits, such as loss of flexibility and strength, and functional deficits. Once these factors have been determined a physical therapy regimen is introduced to address symptoms and correct deficits. Finally, a plan is set in place to prevent future problems and injuries by implementing job-related retraining with special consideration to safety and body mechanics.